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Welcome to Disability Specialists

We are temporarily closed due to conrona virus & full time care duties for my ill disabled mother during these tough times 


What services do we offer? See our business card below

What type of NDIS assessments can OT's complete and what are they?


  • Occupational Therapy Functional Assessments – Disability Specialists provide reports for all disabilities including; intellectual, sensory, physical and behavioural. A functional assessment provides a well-rounded picture of the client at that point in time of strengths and limitations in physical, sensory and cognitive area of all aspects of activities of daily living. The OT also provides a list of recommendations at the end of the report to assist you with future support requests at your planning, review or appeal.


  • Assistive technology report – OT's are trained in small and large equipment prescription.  Some OT areas are highly specialised such as spinal and cerebral palsy. Remember there are different types of AT under the NDIS for funding purposes, AT under $1500 and AT above this amount.


  • Housing Modifications – most OT's can assist with minor modifications to home and assist with the required documentation.  However, when you start getting into large home modifications this is a specialised area.


  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) – this is a highly specialised area of OT requiring extensive building and legislative knowledge and experience. As there are few OT's who specialise in this area which is still very new to QLD NDIS you can expect a waiting period.  


  • Supported Independent Living (SILS)– for clients requiring support worker assistance in the home environment to assist with activities of daily living, developing and building life skills.


  • Social Participation - support work assistance in the community to assist achieve your specified NDIS goals.


  • Hydrotherapy - anti-gravity rehabilitation exercise programs and training for your support worker. 


  • Consulting & Work Training - consulting and training for all disabilities.   




What is an Occupational Therapist (OT) and what do they do?


  • Occupational Therapists are trained clinicians who must possess health board registration with AHPRA, just like your Doctor, Dentist or Physio.


  • OT is the abbreviated acronym for Occupational Therapist as it can be quite a mouthful to pronounce.


  • OT’s are trained in physical, sensory, behavioural and intellectual conditions.


  • OT's also study psychology and neuroscience to better assist treating mental health clients. 


  • Remember to ask your OT if they provide services in the area you are seeking as OT's work and specialise in many different areas. Depending on where your OT initially trained also depends on what areas they may choose to specialise in.  


  • OT practice areas include; rehabilitation i.e. strokes, acquired brain injury and accidents, paediatrics i.e. child learning delays and development, medical and surgical i.e. assistance post injury or accidents, aged care i.e. physical and cognitive assessments and treatments, mining i.e. a specialised area, accident and emergency i.e. burns and hand injuries, plus many more areas.


  • OT’s can be found working within a hospital, community setting, private clinics and rural and remote practice.


Why choose Disability Specialists?

  • Disability Specialists get the tricky grey areas with proven results

  • Experience means you are in competent hands

  • Lived experience as a full time carer of disabled family who personally understand the challenges 

  • Small caseloads provide clients a personalised service

Our Services

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